I Arise: A Religious Reflection for the New Year.

I Arise in a New Year–
Leader: The beginning of a New Year always merits reflection. It is not so much a time of making new resolutions, but rather space in which to ponder our lives and review personal growth. A New Year is a good opportunity to look at what guides our thoughts and decisions each day, to look at the person we already are and who we want to become. It is a time to look at what allows us to grow and what resistance we maintain to keep from growing. Underneath our celebrating the old and the new year are our basic principles, themes, values that spur us on to live a more authentic life… the life God created us all to live. Something new arises every year within me…. The following prayer/litany is an exercise to help us become more aware of what may be in store for us in this new year. (Pausing and Spontaneity works best)
I arise with amazement at the presence of the Holy One.
I arise with gratitude for life.
I arise with hope that all shall be well.
I arise with courage to meet what will be difficult.
I arise with conviction to do what is life-giving.
I arise with eyes ever alert for beauty.
I arise with openness to great truth.
I arise with desire for continues transformation.
I arise with compassion for the hurting ones in the cosmos.
I arise with grief still settled in my spirit. (next column)
I arise with eagerness to write with depth and quality.
I arise with a sense of kinship with all whom I love.
I arise with respect as other mentor and deepen my vision.
I arise with determination to make good choices in using my time.
I arise with willingness to help those who will need my care.
I arise with hesitation as I think about pain that may come.
I arise with longing for ever greater inner freedom.
I arise with happiness, knowing I am invited to live life fully.

Leader: Compassionate companion and Faithful Friend, thank you for the opportunity to walk into another year of life. Help us to be faithful, to be generous, to be kind and to be Yours. Amen

(Adapted from Sr. Joyce Rupp: Out of the Ordinary 2018)

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