New Games For A New World

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New Games was started in the early 1970’s by Stewart Brand…Yes founder of the Whole Earth Catalog.  When he investigated how and why people play together, he saw in Games themselves, the potential for changing American reliance on teaching competitive games to teaching American Competitive values to teaching American Cooperative values.  He stated,  “Changing games seemed to me to be a useful thing to do, a way to be, a set of meta-strategies to learn.”*                                                                                  There are Games for Two:  Stand-Off, Aura, Frisbee Golf, Tweezli Wop, New Frisbee & Fraha.
There are Games for a Dozen: People Pyramids, Fox and Squirrel, Go-Tag, Human Pinball.
There are Games for the More the Merrier:  Earth-ball, People Pass, Plant Pass, Amoeba Race.
There are Old New Games like:  New Volleyball, Earth Volley. Rock, Paper Scissors. You just need to adapt new rules so All Participants in the Game will be included.

Stewart Brand brought Game Theory to a new generation of participants, not just spectators.  New Games invites changing the Rules of Old games to create a new sense of Cooperation, Suspense, Wit, New Competitive skills, Forgiveness and Ritual (Think Baseball).  Qualities found in all great and fun Games.  He also created the concept of Soft War, but that was long ago and didn’t work out too well.

Teaching for Wisdom—We must Believe what We Teach the Children

George Lenard, yes, the educator, author (The Ultimate Athlete), lecturer and New Games enthusiast brought this Game Theory to a new level, LIFE ITSELF.  Here is a quote:                “An athlete is the Game of Games is one who plays life intensely, with heightened awareness of this endeavor.  An athlete is one who can perceive discord and harmony both; who can accept contradiction as the very stuff of play while not losing sight of the ultimate harmony…The athlete in the Game of Games may be a musician or a carpenter, a householder or a yogi, an Olympic runner or a farmer.  NO ONE CAN BE EXCLUDED MERELY BECAUSE OF OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTY;  Differences between the purely physical and non physical begin to fade.  It is a heresy of Western thought that we could consider any aspect of life as ‘non-physical’.  The body is always involved, even in what we call the most cerebral pursuit.”

Cynthia Yoshitomi, a Grandmother with a Doctorate (almost) and founder of this web hub, Teaching for Wisdom was a trainer for New Games in the 1970’s.  Please call or write her with your New Games Stories.  Alumni of New Games!! Let’s bring the new century possibilities of NEW GAMES BACK.  Our World is in desperate need of this new way of PLAY!  Bernie De Koven, are you still here!  Barbara Jackson from Arizona?  323.359.2447