Emotional Wisdom: Six Key Questions?


What IS Emotional Intelligence anyway?

And why should you care whether you have it or not?

Emotional Intelligence helps people answer 6 key questions that are fundamental to your life and happiness:

1. What am I feeling right now?

2. What outcome do I want in this situation?

3. What can I do now to create the outcome I desire?

4. How can I get back on a course that will bring satisfaction and success?

5. How can I handle difficult situations with calm and maintain equanimity?

6. How can I learn to gracefully cope with an ever-changing environment?

Compassionate people ask themselves these 6 questions regularly. They use them to connect with the world compassionately.

How about you? Do you have a strong “inner GPS” of Emotional Intelligence that helps you to navigate the world of emotions in yourself — and to connect to others with empathy and compassion?

We can help you find out.

In our upcoming online course, Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World, you will learn more about how to:

* identify your feelings

* increase your well-being

* enhance your relationships

* build your capacity to be empathetic and compassionate.

How many words do you have to describe your emotions? (Hint: There are over 3,000 words to describe feelings in the English language!). Next time, we’ll give you an exercise to identify how you describe and label your emotions.



Barbara Kerr

Charter for Compassion Education Institute

Author: Dr. Cynthia Yoshitomi

I am an Ordained Catholic Grandma with a Doctorate who continues her commitment to children and the adults who care for them through this site: Through Teaching: For Wisdom For Empathy For Compassion. I am a native of Los Angeles California. Where I learned to Thrive with Everybody! I am currently active in bringing back the Green Circle Program and the memory of the work of Gladys Rawlings, the founder of Green Circle and much more. I am one of the Priests serving the Saint Anthony's Community in Santa Barbara. We meet on Sundays at 9:30 AM behind the Santa Barbara Mission on the Site of the Garden Street School. I am dedicated to the multicultural education, wisdom and dialogue required to:CHANGE MINDS AND HEARTS of Adults and Children through processes like Green Circle,New Games, and Mid-rashing ancient texts and other educational and spiritual processes.