Midrashing Moments

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Midrashing with children frees their spiritual imagination.  Midrashing comes from the ancient rabbinic tradition where ancient texts are read with contemporary minds and open hearts to help the ancient texts come alive for the times.  Midrash must be done in a group that usually establishes their own style of midrashing.  I have discovered a wonderful book to get teachers started.  The Author is Sandy Eisenberg Sasso.  The book is entitled, “But God Remembered:  Stories of Women from  Creation to the Promised Land.”  It is a book endorsed by Protestant, Catholic and Jewish religious leaders. I will be posting creative mid-rashes from time to time so please come back for a visit.

Book of Ruth Midrash Theater Project–State of California Youth Facility.

“Where you will  go I will go, where you stay I will stay.   Your people will be my people. Your God my God.”

The Book of Ruth serves as a starting point and inspiration for exploring loyalty and acceptance as they pertain to the self and to others.  We will borrow from the Hebrew tradition of Midrash, using discussion, imagery, movement, and prose to arrive at personal interpretations of the sacred text.  These interpretations will be shared through a theatrical and/or dance presentation.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Identify themes and wisdom found in the text
  • Make connections through personal and shared meaning making
  • Use critical thinking to construct contemporary narrative
  • Learn theatrical elements: space, shape, gesture, tempo, rhythm, sound, etc.
  • Support each other’s creative process
  • Validate each other’s journey


Submitted by:  Dr. Cynthia Yoshitomi—323.359.2447