People worth remembering are usually humble. They understand and accept that they draw from another Source: They are satisfied to be an instrument. Their genius is not of their own making but a gift. They do great things precisely because they do not take first or final responsibility for their gift, and they don’t worry about their failures. They understand that their life is not their own but has been entrusted to them. Someone Else has taken them seriously, and they feel profoundly respected, which is what human beings ultimately want and need.

When Father Richard Rohr was invited to meet with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Capetown, South Africa, the Archbishop told him that both of them were like light-bulbs.  He stated,”We get all the credit and seem to be shining brightly for all to see, but we both know that if this light bulb was unscrewed from its source for even a moment, the brightness would immediately stop.  They laughed hilariously afterwards and gave me a wink of understanding.

(Re-told by Dr. Cynthia Yoshitomi from a story by Father Richard Rohr:  Center for Action and Contemplation-New Mexico