White Privileged and a White Jesus! A Womanist/Feminist Perspective

After listening to the above from All Saints Church in Pasadena:
A reaction and suggestions for August Reading
Hello Womanist and Feminist Friends,
What a wonderful wake up call this morning to meet white people in ministry thoroughly getting the spiritual side of white privileged.  
I am delighted that whatever was discussed on the Friday of the International Retreat,  it sounds like the beginning of a real conversation within our group about White Feminism’s limited, but still very important viewpoint.  
As someone very married (48 yrs) to a Japanese American involved with his culture and with shared children (two adult boys who are very active in inter-cultural work), and my own experience working with and within the Los Angeles and other Southwest School Districts, I remain a witness to the fact that ignorance is not bliss, nor is naming the problem and wanting to talk about risk free.  This preacher from All Saints Episcopal Church risked a lot by preaching to his congregation in Pasadena.  I have lots of personal stories surrounding this issue…Some I lost, some I compromised myself, some I made in-roads.  When  I preached this past Sunday I reminded the Saint Anthony’s crowd that it was also the 72 anniversary of Atomic bombing of Hiroshima, in the middle of Fiesta in Santa Barbara.  Opps…but I had to do what I had to do.
I would like to recommend four books I am reading this summer from African American Preachers and Theologians Teachers, and poets: 
One is local man.  His name is Dr. David Moore and has an Evangelical Christian community in Santa Barbara and Oxnard.  He wrote a book titled, Making America Great Again:  Fairy Tale? Horror Story? Dream Come True?–A Challenge to the Christian Community.  He wanted to name it, God is not an Ass hole” but was talked out of it.  You can read the book and find out why.
The second is, Dancing with God:  The Trinity from a Womanist Perspective by Dr. Karen Baker-Fletcher, a professor of systematic theology at Perkins School of Theology in Dallas Texas.  What a wonderfully fun book, full of surprises and great resources from women of color to their white sisters and brothers.
Becoming Ms. Burton:  “From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women.
By Susan Burton and Cari Lynn, it is a real story, not only of redemption, but of great courage and grace.  I am reading this book and the others for resources for the Black young women I work with in the Youth Prison in Ventura and for my own spiritual growth.
A newly discovered final novel,  AMIABLE WITH by Harlem Renaissance writer Claude Mckay is a multi layered portrayal of Life in 1930’s Harlem.  It is both enlightening and heartbreaking in terms of how white privileged has hindered us from all working together for much of this countries history. 
I deeply hope in our future we can come together, ALL of Us. for the sake of our children and ourselves.  The time is now!
God Bless Us All,
Deacon Cindy
 Dr. Deacon Cynthia Yoshitomi
Saint Anthony’s Independent Catholic Community
and Founder Facilitator
ChildSpirit Wisdom Institute
Green Circle/Midrash/New Games


Author: Dr. Cynthia Yoshitomi

I am an Ordained Catholic Grandma with a Doctorate who continues her commitment to children and the adults who care for them through this site: Through Teaching: For Wisdom For Empathy For Compassion. I am a native of Los Angeles California. Where I learned to Thrive with Everybody! I am currently active in bringing back the Green Circle Program and the memory of the work of Gladys Rawlings, the founder of Green Circle and much more. I am one of the Priests serving the Saint Anthony's Community in Santa Barbara. We meet on Sundays at 9:30 AM behind the Santa Barbara Mission on the Site of the Garden Street School. I am dedicated to the multicultural education, wisdom and dialogue required to:CHANGE MINDS AND HEARTS of Adults and Children through processes like Green Circle,New Games, and Mid-rashing ancient texts and other educational and spiritual processes.